Why Qumulo?

You needed a better way to manage your file data.
So we built one.

Qumulo was inspired by people like you. Before building our file system, we conducted thousands of interviews of data storage users. You told us your struggles, your concerns, the annoying things that ruin your day. And you shared your wishlist, desired features, and “what if” ideas.

What we learned inspired us to rethink what’s possible.

We recognized that legacy scale-out and scale-up storage solutions were not designed to handle today’s data volume, file types, applications, and workloads. Workarounds can only get you so far… So we built something completely different.

What’s different about Qumulo? Everything.

  • The way you store data
  • The way you manage your data
  • What you can do with your data

Here’s what smarter data management means for you:

You save money on data storage costs.

  • You save because you’re using the full capacity of your storage. And there’s no penalty for small files.
  • Full capacity allows you to store more with less. If using Qumulo software in your data center, this means more storage per-rack and less cost per-rack. You also save money with infrastructure costs.

You get freedom you won’t find with other data platforms.

  • You avoid hardware lock-in because our solutions center around advanced software. That means you can use our software on Dell, HPE, or Qumulo hardware. Or in the cloud on AWS.
  • Other storage vendors charge more money for proprietary equipment. Qumulo does not.
  • You eliminate risk by not getting trapped with old hardware technology tech that won’t always be supported or upgraded in a timely fashion.
  • You’re investing in technology that can handle any amount of files and any type of workload.

Your data management is easier.

  • You can see, in real time, what’s happening with your data.
  • You’ll never have to guess exactly how much space you have remaining.
  • You can diagnose and fix problems instead of resorting to just buying more storage.
  • You can finally take control of your data. Manage usage, capacity, and performance with an advanced API.
  • There’s no single point of failure across the entire stack, so you never have to worry about lost data.

You’re ready for the cloud.

  • Our unique hybrid cloud approach lets you manage your data seamlessly between your data center and cloud environments.
  • Run virtually any file-based application at cloud-native speeds. No rewriting required!
  • Qumulo is fully supported on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Even if you’re not ready to move to the cloud right now, you’ll future-proof your business by choosing a cloud-compatible option.

Why trust Qumulo?

We’re storage veterans who understand your needs. And we understand that providing you technology solves only part of your problem. Having obsessive, outstanding customer support and a devotion to customer success is the other.

“Qumulo is obsessively focused on customers’ needs. It all comes down to being responsive to customer needs and being an equal partner in delivering business value.” -Reviewer, Gartner Peer Insights

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