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The Basics

  • I am an introvert, but I thrive when making one-on-one connections. I live for it.
  • As a kid, my favorite subjects were math and art. That sums up my wiring nicely.
  • I’m passionate about my craft! I’ve been designing and building on the web for more than 20 years.

Values and Motivation

  • I follow my curiosity. I am motivated by learning and growth.
  • I am genuinely interested in people, and I also genuinely care. These two things have helped me tremendously in my career.
  • I think emotional intelligence is underrated in business.
  • Throughout my life, I’ve heard the advice: “Fake it until you make it”… But I would rather just be myself, even if that means being vulnerable.
  • I believe we exist to learn and grow through our experiences with others.

Working With Me

  • Slack is my go-to for communication.
  • If I’m quiet, I am probably still processing.
  • I do my best thinking in the morning.
  • I appreciate comedy. Share jokes and funny gifs please!
  • I am a visual learner. If I’m not understanding something, try to provide examples. If that fails, let’s get to a whiteboard and start drawing!
  • I plan my days around intentional blocks of focus time, so impromptu meetings can be a real productivity killer.
  • I prefer to be an individual contributor rather than a manager.
  • I am in the central time zone. Though I try to be accomodating, I am not always available after 5 p.m.

Design Philosophy

  • Design is about solving problems.
  • Often times, the best design is invisible. The outcome is what matters.
  • Being clear is better than being clever.
  • A simple, familiar design is often the most usable.
  • Every component, visual,  and word in a design should serve a purpose.
  • Remove friction and distractions.
  • Remove unnecessary elements or decorations.
  • Understand the user’s motivation, needs, values, and behavior.
  • Creating a useful and seamless design is more important than flexing your skills or creativity. It’s all about the user and their experience.

Additional Interests

  • Hiking, walking, being outside.
  • Photography and camera gear.
  • Writing.
  • Building websites and trying out new web tools. 🙂
  • Studying the teachings of the stoic philosophers, like Seneca and Marcus Aurelias. Ego is the enemy. Understanding you can’t control anything except your own reaction and response.

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