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What does an ideal onboarding experience look like? We can start with best practices.

1. Ease

It should be easy to get started. Low friction. Fast, easy. Not scary. Not unknown.

2. Expectation

They know what to expect (well-crafted registration process, welcome screen, etc.).

3. Clarity

They will understand clearly what they have done and where they are at in the process (ex: progress bar).

4. Agency

“The capacity to act or exert power.” Onboarding flow is self-guided. They can go through the onboarding flow on their own, at their own pace, and they can skip onboarding flow if they want.

5. Value

They are able to see value immediately, typically by achieving a tangible outcome. Ex: Created a dev site. Installed WordPress.

6. Focused.

The content and visual elements of the flow support the user’s primary goal: Onboarding. Any additional content should be reduced or removed, to reduce cognitive load.