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Elimisha Children’s Project

Design for a non-profit
Website redesign, logo design, CMS configuration, lean branding, print assets
About this project

Elimisha is a startup non-profit organization with a focus on raising money to build and support schools in Kenya. The founding members are based in Minneapolis.

  • Lean branding (logo, color palette, typography)
  • Custom icons
  • Print desing assets (poster templates)
  • Content management system (WordPress)
  • Redesigned website including custom child theme for WordPress
  • White labeled drag-and-drop interface for WordPress
  • Integrated payment gateway

Brand card

Before starting on the website, I created a brand card (or style tile). This is a lean branding concept. It’s beneficial for new organizations who want to get started quickly and may not have the time or resources to complete an in-depth brand discovery. The brand card provides some minimum elements that can be used to move forward and gives the client a quick yet cohesive look.

Print templates

Elimisha had a need for print materials, which can be distrubuted at charity events. I created two different templates for them. The templates allow text to be changed easily, but the overall imagery is very intentionally tightly aligned with the design of the website. 

Website design and migration

Elimisha previously used a website built with Wix. The Wix site looked unprofessional and did not accurately convey the serious nature of this cause or the credibility of the group. Design is a trust factor and crucial for any organization requesting donations.

I completed a site migration, moving from Wix to WordPress (hosted on Siteground). I created a custom child theme and designed several key pages to include persuasive marketing tactics and conversion principles.


  • Clarity: The home page very clearly explains the group’s primary goals and mission.
  • Motivation: The site uses powerful photos to evoke emotional response. Used regionally-themed icons to remind visitors that the focus area is in Kenya.
  • Eliminate friction: It must be very easy to make a donation, at any time and from any page. Donation buttons should be visually prominent and displayed often.
  • Attention: I used subtle and small animation, including parallax, to encourage scrolling and draw attention to important parts of the messaging.

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