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Design Portfolio

Design is about solving problems.

Here are a few of the problems I’ve tackled. I have experience working with product and engineering teams, as well as marketers.

Growth Design

Optimizing the Path to Purchase

The data showed the Qumulo website was underperforming. Conversion rates were low, and prospects could not find the information they needed. How can we improve the website experience in order to increase conversion rates? I led a redesign project that focused on the buyer journey and resulted in a 400% increase in conversions.

laptop illustration showing the qumulo home page
Growth Design

Transforming the Buyer Journey: A Growth Story

Why aren't website visitors becoming customers? Over eighteen months, I methodologically researched SPS Commerce's user experience, honed in on signals alerting us to what prospects truly cared about, crafted compelling web content that addressed those concerns, and rendered it across digital channels. These efforts led to a 300% increase in revenue.

laptop illustration showing the qumulo home page
Growth Design, Product Design

Improving the First-Time User Experience: A Journey to Better Product Adoption

How can we increase time to value for new users? By studying the journey for new users, I identified major gaps in onboarding and education. I used this understanding to design and launch several growth experiments that led to a marked increase in new user engagement.

Content Design, UX Writing

Defining UX Writing and Product Content Guidelines

Pantheon designers and engineers needed a shared source of truth for UI copy and in-product messaging. I worked with product designers, user researchers, and product managers to develop and implement a set of in-product content guidelines to make language, style, vocabulary, tone, and voice more consistent throughout our product.

screenshot of writing guidelines, showing how to use active voice
Content Design

Developing a Shared Language for Product Content

Research showed that Pantheon prospects were confused about product offerings and platform features. How do we talk about product, platform, and features? How do our prospects and customers want to see this information presented?

This fundamental product logic has a ripple effect across every touch point in our platform experience: Information architecture and navigation on our website, pricing and packaging, documentation, and in-product experience.

I led a series of studies and workshops to develop a shared language and recommendations for product content.

This case study is password protected.

collage style image showing various research techniques including card sort, user flow, tree test
Content Design, UX Design

Designing a Friendly, Self-Service Process for Cancellation

SPS customers experience frequent changes to their business models and business partners. As a result, they regularly need to adjust their service level with SPS, often cancelling a connection or integration that is no longer needed. By providing a friendly, self-service process, we provided a better experience for customers while also saving the company money by reducing support resources.

screen showing a cancel services wizard

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