Writing Samples and Experience

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My writing experience

Writing has been a big part of my career. Here are some highlights.

A versatile marketing copywriter and content strategist

Since 2013, I have created a high volume of content for both digital campaigns and the websites I managed. My writing portfolio includes web copy, marketing emails, video scripts, advertisement copy, conversational chat scripts, infographics, blogs, training materials, and technical content.

Roots in journalism

As a teenager, my first job was at a daily newspaper. I assisted with the website, print pagination, and copy editing (AP Style). In college, I majored in Communication and served as assistant editor of a twice-weekly newspaper. I received awards for my writing and editorial work with the newspaper.

Specialized training in crafting product messaging

I am fortunate to have received coaching from Momoko Price, one of the industry’s leading conversion copywriters. I use rigorous voice-of-customer research to craft high-converting messaging frameworks for different audiences. I’ve used this method to create campaign assets that support demand generation efforts and aid sales cycles.

Here's what a former VP said about my work related to product messaging:

“Kristi methodologically researched our user experience, honed in on signals alerting her to what prospects truly cared about, crafted compelling web content that addressed those concerns and rendered it across all our digital channels. Kristi profoundly understands and respects the fundamental challenge – users have pain and need our help. Instead of having to navigate through noisy, blasé, company-focused content, users immediately found clarity: We understand your pain and can solve it.”

Writing and content samples

Here are a few examples of my work.


Qumulo is a B2B software company that serves a variety of verticals and use cases. 

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is a B2B software company that focuses on the retail segment. The company did not have dedicated product marketers. Therefore I was responsible for researching, writing, and testing all content for the digital channels I managed. SPS has several distinct audiences, and I needed to adjust messaging and positioning for each group.

Heather Perry Financial

Heather Perry is a financial advisor based in Minnesota. I worked with her to define her company’s positioning and unique differentiators. I also wrote her website copy.

Thank you for reviewing my writing samples and experience!

I’m happy to answer any questions or explain more.

Crafted with care from snowy Minnesota.

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