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I design highly effective web experiences that align with customer needs and values.

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Web Designer

I began my web career in the ’90s, which means I have been planning, designing, building, and optimizing websites for more than half my life! I’m truly passionate about building highly effective web properties.

Conversion Expert

An effective website not only attracts the right audience, but it also inspires them to take action. For many businesses, this action is converting visitors from prospects to lead (and eventually paying customers). I am a certified conversion rate optimizer and digital psychology specialist. My experience includes website audits, heuristic analysis, landing page optimization, digital analytics, and experimentation/testing.

Search Engine Optimizer

A well-designed website is a precise marketing tool and revenue driver. The first step is attracting the right audience. I’ve been optimizing websites for search engines for more than a decade. My services include competitive analysis, keyword research, technical SEO, and content creation so your site can rank high on Google and other search engines.

Web Copywriter

I am an award-winning writer with specialized training in creating high-converting content that aligns messaging with customer needs and values. This includes product messaging and positioning, as well as creating web content for SEO. I’m passionate about uncovering the voice of customer though surveys, polls, interviews, and research. My latest passion is writing conversational marketing playbooks for web chat.

WordPress Wizard

Though my foundation is building websites from scratch via HTML and CSS, these days I love to work on WordPress. It’s SEO-friendly out of the box, highly extensible, budget-friendly, and perfect for marketing websites.

Marketing Technologist

In order to deliver and track highly effective data-driven campaigns, marketing teams rely on a growing set of powerful, customized, and integrated tools. I have years of experience with marketing automation (Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua), chat and conversational marketing platforms (Drift, Chatlio), as well as tracking and testing tools (HotJar, VWO, Nelio).

My most frequently-used tools and applications

Google Analytics

Work Experience

Years Building Websites

Years Writing & Editing

Years Project Management

Hours Usability Testing

Growth Designer at Pantheon

Website & Optimization Manager at Qumulo


Strategic Web Optimization Manager at SPS Commerce


Technical Project Manager at SPS Commerce


Web Designer & Content Manager at University of Minnesota



“You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a craftsman with her unique blend of talents.”

She expertly weaves her understanding of technology and tools with her creativity and understanding of user experience to deliver outstanding results time and time again. Most impressively, Kristi gets things done. She has the rare ability to work through layers of bureaucracy, budget constraints and resource limitations to routinely deliver quality results. To top it all off, she has the personality and demeanor that makes her a joy to work with and someone you can trust.

– Chuck Mallott, Creative Director at Northpass

“Her strengths in digital marketing, design, and UX easily set her ahead of her peers.”

Kristi is one of the brightest and most articulate people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. To every task she brings a level of clarity, empathy, and focus that few people can match. One of her biggest strengths is her ability to take on any challenge in the digital space, research best-practice and cutting-edge techniques, and propose a solution that directly and efficiently addresses the issue.

– Josh Williams, Director of Marketing Analytics at SEI

“Kristi is a game-changer.”

I had the pleasure of partnering with her on a transformational shift in our lead generation practice that led to a 300% revenue gain in our inbound marketing efforts. Over eighteen months, Kristi methodologically researched our user experience, honed in on signals alerting her to what prospects truly cared about, crafted compelling web content that addressed those concerns and rendered it across all our digital channels. Kristi profoundly understands and respects the fundamental challenge – users have pain and need our help. Instead of having to navigate through noisy, blasé, company-focused content, users immediately found clarity: We understand your pain and can solve it.

She is one of the rare individuals you can give a problem, and she’ll take it from ideation to execution flawlessly. She sets a high bar and inspires everyone else to do the same. Kristi’s a natural leader, teacher, and creator that is driven by outcomes. I would be willing to bet she’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make.

– Briana Belisle, VP of Marketing at Field Nation

“Kristi has been my mentor for web development and design for 5+ years.”

Her passion for providing the best web experience is contagious. She’s inquisitive and driven which leads to results in engaging messaging, website interaction, search engine visibility and overall site health. Kristi leads by example with a thoughtful approach that’s inclusive for team learning and improvement. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been molded by her expertise early in my web career.

– Hallie Froehlich, Senior Web Developer at SPS Commerce

“Kristi is one of the most talented web professionals I have ever met.”

She cares deeply about the quality and standards of her work, and it shows. From the overall user experience of the websites she runs, down to the gritty details of graphic design tweaking, she is capable of producing the highest quality work on the market. She especially shines when it comes to planning and executing on conversion and experience within the website.

On top of her technical skills, Kristi is also a good communicator and has a pleasant personality that makes her a joy to work with. She is very much a team player who gets along well with everyone she meets. This exponentially increases the value she brings to the table.

Last but not least, Kristi is a competent and inspiring leader. When Kristi is in charge of a project, it gets done. She is able to coordinate large projects between many team members, and keep everything on track with consistent progress. Furthermore the team members involved are motivated by her vision and the way that she is able to share that vision of the completed project.

– Matthew Vogel, President at Decimis Incorporated

“Kristi set a new and very high benchmark in my world.”

Kristi’s contribution to my regional success, and to the success of the worldwide company can be quantitatively measured – and it is disproportionately high. The possibility of not having someone that effective driving web strategy and tactical optimization of search, conversion, and acquisition fills me with dread. What made our collaboration so welcome, aside from measurable success, is Kristi’s character. Kristi runs an agile team, blending planned projects with exception management to ensure people like me could get the help they needed when required.

– Amelia Edwards, Head of Marketing at DiUS

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Kristi Whitman is a Minnesota UX designer and website specialist.

Her specialties include: Landing page optimization, usability, writing for the web, SEO, conversion rate optimization, WordPress, and digital psychology.